1139 was a clone trooper who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars

Biography Edit

He and , another clone trooper, were left behind on a desert planet after the clone troopers miscounted and took off without them on a . They eavesdropped on some , who were conversing on building a secret weapon. The clones, feeling they needed to destroy this weapon, built a tank from parts they found in a box and destroyed the weapon. Later, the Gunship returned to rescue the two clones after realizing their mistake.1139, Along with 1137 are assigned to find . While off on a planet, 1139 expresses his want for a REAL name to 1137, Who tells him that "Clone Trooper #1139 is your name." 1139 then decides his name should be , but 1137 tells him that the "Gunner's" name is already Blasty. 1139 then displays his hatred for Blasty. 1139 then decides that since he is going to have a name, 1137 needs one also, But all the names 1139 comes up with, such as Tag & Bink and Fil & Bly, are taken. Later, after crash landing on an ice planet, 1139 get separated from the group and finds a . The others steal a Shuttle and 1139 finds them and tells them he's a Cowboy, which leads the others to calling him, Beefhead. Though, 1139 claims he won't be called that